POLK AUDIO - Speaker Wiring Schematics & More - ALL MODELS except SDA

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DISCLAIMER: I have begun work on the schematic archive for all Polk Audio speakers. I have every known schematic from Polk although, when additional ones turn up, they will be added to the respective area.

If you have any questions or comments, dorokusai@verizon.net

Here are the SDA schematics per our friendly neighborhood Darque Knight.

You can download a FREE copy of Adobe Acrobat 7.0 here.

I hope that this saves Ken, Kim, Helen & Eric a little time in the future. They have better things to do than photocopy schematics and mail them to a bunch of Polkies.

The schematics are listed by MODEL SERIES(e.g. Monitor, SDA, LSi, etc.) If it's an older, vintage series, with a current model in production(e.g. the Monitor series...) they are identified individually as: Current and Vintage.

When you find a listing for a speaker like yours, for example the RTA12A and all you find is the schematic for the RTA12B...that's the only one that is available. Most of the time very little changes occur and even so, this will help you determine exactly what you need. If you have any specific model questions, simply contact Polk Customer Service @ 800.377.7655 or polkcs@polkaudio.com

*UPDATE* The files have all been converted to PDF. I will update with additional schematics when I receive them.

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