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Can someone explain to me why sony is pushing "extended definition" speakers for sacds? I don't understand why you'd need a speaker to hit 70 khtz when the human ear doesn't hear anything above 25.
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    Extended so that dogs, cats and birds will also enjoy the extended range of Enya and Marilyn Manson.
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    Yeah I was thinking that too. My dog loves to rock out. I think it's just a marketing ploy to boost sales of an inferior product, but that's just my .02
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    Reminds me when CD's came out and alot of speaker companies started slapping "Digital Ready" on speakers made me crack up :lol:

    Can you here the salesman "Mr. You don't wanna run them old speakers with this new CD player you just bought, nope you need the Digital Ready speakers we have over here... now you can still play your Tapes and LP's on them old ones but be sure to switch to the new ones for CD.
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    I've heard several explanations for this. Generally these explanations paralleled the opposite end of the frequency spectrum. In other words, since the human ear can't hear below 20Hz., why bother spending all this money for subs that hit the sub-sonics? While we can't hear that low, we can feel it. I've heard the same claim made for 20kHz.+ frequencies. I've also heard people suggest that these higher frequencies help to recreate the recording enviornment. Yet another explanation I heard was that these high frequencies bounce around the room and eventually end up as audible frequencies. Honestly, a lot of it sounds like BS. Does anyone really know?

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    Even if the spkrs reach the frequencies in question, I bet that it's at a +/- db level so extreme that it might as well not exist. I bet that independent lab tests would make their claims look ridiculous. Or maybe Sony has suddenly rendered all other speakers obsolete!:lol:
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