Has anyone listen to a SVS powered sub.

Thinking of going with a SVS 20-39 pc powered sub and wondering if anyone has listened to one and if they are worth the extra dollars?:)
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    I have not heard it with the plate amp, but a dual svs combo, with a Samson amp, and it was another dimension in bass.....

    I think you can bag your own plate amp cheaper, or use an old receiver, amp, whatever. I would buy the passive, then cross the amplification bridge yourself.

    Some people have even had good results with the $99 100 watt KLH receiver at best buy....(in a single-svs setup)

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    Hey Snook,
    Below is a reply that I wrote to this same question last week, so my SVS Sub is now "2" weeks old....and still doing Great....I got the new "Improved" Powered version (PCi) since I really don't know much about hooking up extra external amps, etc.....

    Hope this helps:

    I have only had my new SVS 25-31PCi Sub for one week, but I am starting to like it more each time I hear it. (I had a real hard time picking between the SVS and HSU Subs) I exchanged my Polk PSW350 (with Circuit City's trade-up program) for some 35i's to stack on top of my 800i mains at the advice of "Juice21".

    My living room is large at 14X28 with a ceiling that hits 22 feet at it's peek, and last night Phantom Menace-Pod Races shook the room/house. I have always heard about bass you can feel.....last night I finally did. At $549 + $20 shipping you get 45 days to try it at home....if you don't like it, just send it back.

    (Just my Opinion.....!!)

    Mains: RT800i + RT35i
    Center: CS400i
    Rear: F/X 500i
    Sub: SVS 25-31PCi
    Receiver: Sony STR-DE-945