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I want to set up dual subwoofers with 2 psw350's and was woudnering what cables you would need to do this and would you lose power out of your subwoofers from slising the cable into 2.


Also If You are selling a psw350 subwoofer please let me know at [email protected]
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    you could use two monsterbass subwoofer cables and split the signal with a 'y' adapter...
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    See my post under PSW450 Problems regarding using Y-splitters and signal quality.

    In short, you should experience no problems hooking up this way. Use a quality Y-splitter, preferably the same manufacturer as the sub cables. Stacking the subs works very well, and avoids potential phase issues.

    Good luck. BTW, the PSW350 can be had on-line NIB for about $250 plus shipping on E-Bay through several vendors.

    Sometimes CC blows out returned or factory rebuilt ones on Open Box - I bought one that way for $212 + tx.

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