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The Ride: 00 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4x4
The Job : Custom kickpanels & builtin sub box
I make fiberglass sheets 10hrs a day so makein a box should be easy (im sure this will be changed LOL )
The kickpanels will be easy.
As for the box I can go 2 ways 1 sub & fast easy box
Or I could pull the cargo plastic & make room for 2 subs.
But my idea is to pull the cargo plastic & make a larger box with more stuff in it.
Pull the cargo plastic on the right side & make the box back like everyone does As large as I can.
I was thinking 1 12" but after about 5mins I was like NAAAAAAAAAAAAA
I had 3 JL 12x6 on a xtant 1000 pushin them but that got old so I sold them & got 3 8w6 now were talkin. poped the glass on a 94 probe :D
But I don't have room for 3 subs so what to do.
I have around 30" wide 19" tall & either 9" deep with plastic or around 11" without the plastic cargo.
Im pretty sure i'll pull the plastic so I can put the amp PS2 & power inverted in the box also. The other amp & cd changer go under the back seat.

If anyone else has done something like this let me know how it went.
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  • Greg Peters
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    I've got a '98 Cherokee Sport and thought about building an enclosure into the same side. I went with a stand-alone wedge shaped box when I found out how much $$ to replace that plastic panel for when trade-in time comes.

    A guy from work with an '00 Cherokee LTD built a D.I.Y. enclosure into that alcove with MDF and fibreglass, for (1) 10" SVC Clarion sub. His sounded like **** (but that was due to who built it, and his choice of sub and amplifier).

    It's a good spot to put a sub though. Enough room to hold a sealed 12" if you fibreglass back of the enclosure into all the available space behind that panel, and build it out a few inches from the side. The good part about building a box into that side panel is it doesn't take too much cargo space, and it won't cause your hatch to buzz off its hinges, as the sub will fire across the back of the Jeep rather than straight into the hatch. Want matching carpet to cover your work? Take the carpet from rear seat back on a scrap Cherokee, seperate it from its thick backing, stretch over your modded panel.

    My box fires back at 45ish degree upward angle, butts up tight to the seat back, and does not cause any vibration (even without Dynamat back there). Due to the angles, I can turn it so it fires straight back if I need the cargo room (or pull it out entirely). It is .69 cubic feet (internal) and doesn't take up all that much room. Other than maybe putting an extra 100w rms to it, wouldn't change a thing (unless I got one of those plastic quarter trim panels dirt cheap).

    Does your Jeep have an auto trans? Not much room by clutch pedal on these to build custom kick panels that would accomodate any kind of woofer depth.

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    I found a guy in SC that will sale me the plastic for $10 + S/H or the local junkyard for $20
    I pulled the plastic & started but there would be alot of work on this bad boy in the freakin cold. So i opp to buy a junkyard plastic & make a mold in the woodshop. May not be what I wanted in the first place but 10 hr days @ work family & the woodshop to run im busy.
    So im going to
    A build a custom box for the sub to sit in the cargo area
    B build the fiberglass box in the side ontop of the plastic (that will take another panel or that press n seal plastic wrap.
    No matter what theres going to be a false floor in the back to hide everything
    Got a PPI 10" 1000watt rms sub PPI 300.4 4ch amp Alpine V12 2ch 700watt 12cd changer power inverter & the computer that im going to build.
    Problem is the Jeep is my ride but we still drive outa state in it 1 time amonth. so I cant lose all the cargo area.

    Gota find anew deck that has 3 preouts & AUX in.
    Wish I would have never sold my old alpine 0x4 3preouts
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    Here is what I got done today
    Had my kids this weekend or it would be done.
    After its done i'll post another pic
    All in all it wasnt that hard. If you want 1 let me know.
    What you see is 1oz mat from work, but what you don't see is the 1.25oz mat that is under it. Its thick glass & soaks up the resin fast. The 1oz is for the finish work makes it easyer to sand.
    I had to cut the ring off because the sub sat tooo low & wouldnt fit LOL (just moved it up 1-2")
    Going to finish it in either POW MIA or in the 911 flag @ ground zero same with the false floors inside.
    12hr days this week.
    Also picked up a Alpine cda-9847 last weekend. Installed & ran all the wires.