Bi-wiring Polk SDA-1 speakers

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I am currently (vertical) bi-amping these big grand daddies with the following configuration. The high/mid frequencies to an Adcom 5800 left channel with the the right channel for the bass to eliminate crosstalk. I've heard of this called vertical bi-amping. The same for another 5800 amp for the the right side. Anyone had any similiar experiences or with just straight bi-wiring willing to share any info?
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  • Aaron
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    What you're talking about it bi-amping, no bi-wiring. I've read that separating the left and right channel signals to eliminate cross talk, whether in a vertical or horizontal bi-amping situation, has negligable effects. The advantage to vertically bi-amping one speaker with one amp is that you can use very short speaker wire and a longer interconnect. This is thought to be better than using a short interconnect and longer speaker wire. Also, can you bridge the Adcom amps? That would probably be preferable.