Little Rat

cletusmcgeecletusmcgee Posts: 25
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I was wondering if anyone here has used the little $25 rat shack phono preamp (aka: the little rat). From what I hear on audioasylum, it's a pretty damn good unit for $25. Curious to hear how it favors with this predominantly mid-fi crowd (as opposed to the snobs on AA).



  • RuSsMaNRuSsMaN Posts: 17,995
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    It works fine. It just doesn't have that 'rack' look to it. Some peeps really dig getting that extra component for the rack.....

    I have one in my magic closet, and I plan to order a the oh-so-common-sold-everywhere Nad or maybe Parasound and do a side by side later this summer.....just for **** and giggles.

    I do think that the Nad and Parasound offer a good value (and look) for under $120......

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