Little Feat Remaster... At Last

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For any Little Feat fans, Waiting For Columbus has been remastered on Warner Bros./Rhino. From for $22.99. Complete song list from the LP plus 10 bonus tracks. Sound is GREAT!
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  • Billm57Billm57 Posts: 689
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    jut picked this up last night..well worth the price..they have done an excellent job improving on what was already a great live album
  • Micah CohenMicah Cohen Ruler of the gnome universe Posts: 2,020
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    YES! You guys are AWESOME. I got this about a month ago, when I started a thread about great live albums, and I can not get enough of it. I have waited over a decade to hear this on CD in its full form, and now I have MORE Feats than ever before. What an amazing, well recorded, superbly produced show.

    This weekend I drove down to DC (to see Patricia Barber at Kennedy Center), and on the way down I listened to this again -- amazing! What a great album! And on the way back I listened to another great from-my-youth live LP recently re-released on CD complete for the first time, Skynyrd's ONE MORE FROM THE ROAD. And compared to the Feat, Skynyrd is really lame and limp. The band is great, they all rock, and Ronnie Van Zant is totally cool, but the songs are limp and boring. (While I recall them as being much more important... There's just no "evil" there, and I like my music EVIL.) Compared directly with the Little Feat CD, Skynyrd fails utterly. Lowell George is one evil mo-fo!

    And I love the way Little Feat can not be pidgeon-holed. Is it "southern rock"? "Cajun rock"? "Bayou music"? "Funk"? Whatever it is, it is GREAT GREAT GREAT! I can't get enough of this album, again!

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  • Billm57Billm57 Posts: 689
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    A Day AT The Dog Races is worth the price alone....Skynyrd was great but I was never a big fan of that live album of thiers(i think it probably wa snot one of thier better performances)..the studio stuff was great though
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