bi-wiring polk 800i's

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just bought rt800i's,they sound great with lots of bass.please advise what gauge wires would be best to bi-wire for a little more to this scene.
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    I use the same gauge for the high as I do for the lower freq, although some people claim that silver cables are better for high freq in biwire situations, I haven't auditioned them and can't say.
    My choice is 12 gauge. The higher freqs travel relatively close to the surface of the cable (ie 10k hz travels at a depth of about 0.66mm for copper wire) this is called skin effect. The larger the circumference (not diameter) the more the frequency carrying area for the higher freqs.
    Cables are components themselves, different constructions can have a different sound.
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    here's a thread i started awhile ago when first bi-wiring my rt800i's:

    on bi-wiring

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