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:confused: hi there all you new to home theater and must confess iam hooked! but here is my question,i have an onkyo txds 787 av reciever which is awesome and kicks u know what!!, also have polk speakers all around rt800ifronts cs400icenter fx300isurrounds for sides and rt15i for surround back channel. my question is my reciever is 7.1 compatible and it has preouts for external amp ,iwant to upgrade to this but want to know if i can hook up another onkyo or any other reciever to hook up my side surrounds and add a second speaker inthe back for 7.1 thus only leaving my onkyo to run my 2 fronts and center channels, can ido this and how do i hook all this up?also for the mean time is the polk rt15i a good choice for surround back channel or should ilook to a speaker like cs245i or something else to put as back speaker till i uprade to 7.1 please i need info from all you smart audiophiles out there ..and by the way i love my polk speakers the are the best they rule!!!!!
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    jimmyshondo, hello----Welcome to the forum.
    I have the same reciever. It is 6.1 ready and that was enough for me. But if you must have two rears effects, Not sure what you are getting at but Onkyo makes acouple 2 channel amps specificaly for the 7.1 with this reciever. It's that simple!!!!! ;)
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    thanks scott, but how doyou hook one amp to the other and what kind of wires and or connections do you need,(ie)where do i plug in the other amp or reciever to the onkyo txds787???? ireally would like detailed info on this ....thanks
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    jimmyshondo, welcome to the forum. :D

    if you want to get 7.1 application with your reciever, you're best bet is probably getting the onkyo m282. you would run inteconnect from your recs. 6.1 line out's into the m282's inputs, then wire your (2) surround back speakers from the 282. if you are thinking of moving to 7.1 soon, i would just make due with you rt15i and upgrade when the time comes. i use rt25i's and they work great. (7.1 rec. is hopefully getting picked up this weekend!!!)

    why do you want to run your L/R surrounds from another amp? i understand running an amp for the surround backs to get 7.1 vs. 6.1, but why not just keep your L/R surrounds amped via the reciever? (if you wanted to, you would buy an additional m282, and run interconnects from your surround line outs on the rec. to the inputs on the 2nd m282 and then speaker cable to your R/L surround speakers.) i don't think this is going to give you a dramatic sonic benefit though. save your $, and go for a seperate 5x150 or 5x200 amp, and then power all your 5.1 speaks with that and let the 787 serve as a pre/pro.

    again, welcome to the forum, and the wonderful world of polk!
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    Hey it is me again. There are specific preouts on the back of the Onkyo787. A left and right RCA type and they will go to the inputs on your external amp. This is ONLY for 7.1 applications and you will have to get into the Onkyo menu and let it know that you are now 7.1 for adjustments.
    When I get home today I give your the specific location after I look at reciever. Later
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    OHH! By the way the amp juice21 linked you to is what Onkyo suggest you use. If you are trying to hook it up with another reciever that is usally not a good ideal.
    PS3 and HD Front Projection, life is good. Too bad Blu-Ray and the PS3 are already obsolete.....:rolleyes:
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    :) thank you scottvamp and juice21 for that very informative info that was very much needed you guys are smart!! i beleve that is what i will do and see abiut getting onkyo 282 to get into 7.1,just wondering though do any of you kno0w of dealers who carry this amp and maybe get a good price for or even used or reconditioned ? and lastly about the fx 300i i read on one of these threads that the best position for these surrounds is to have the tweeter and woofer facing the tv and the side with the tweetwr and port toward the back of my room with the switch set to dipole is this true ?is thier any else i can do to tweak them to get optmal sound ?thanks agian for all your input and know how.......polk rules
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    cruthcfield is the onl place that i know where to get the m282 right now, you can try ebay, audiogon, audio review classifieds and see if a used one is around? as for the 300's, they should have a rt300iR for right, and rt300iL for left on them, which will position them the way you described, drivers forward, port back. using these on the side walls set to dipole is IMO the best way to have them set-up, they can also be placed along the rear wall and set to bipole. you can try it, and see if you gain better results, but the way you have them set up now is probably best. are these mounted 2-3' above listening ear height and directly to the sides of your listening position? if not, moving them there would help slightly if you are looking for imporvements. happy listening...:D
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    I have used my old sterio receiver (Technics) to run my surrond backs and they worked great. (but I do not enough space on my stereo rack for a second receiver)...thats was my cheap 7.1 solution..I am currently running 6.1

    On questions regarding my 787.....when I pop in a DVD I get a display on my receiver that says (Normal Dialog -7) and I am not sure what that is and how to adjust seems like human voice from the center channel are not deep as the "other" sounds...

    any suggestion guys...

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    sounds like you got to bump up your center channel setting......

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    Hi there,
    You might want to watch the factory-reconditioned products page at I've seen a couple 282s on there in the past few months. Good luck!
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