1.2tl vs 3.1tl

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Lets hear your opinions boys on the 1.2tl's vs the 3.1tl's
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    Both are really good, I would say it would depend on the room you are putting them in and how much are you willing to spend on amplification.

    The 1.2tl's need room to breath, and soak up a ton of power.
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    I have the 3.1TL's. They are fine speakers.
    They are about as big of speaker as any home would reasonably need. They aren't a 1.2TL though.

    I compared the 3.1, 2.3, and 1.2 when I purchased my 3.1's.
    The 2.3 and 1.2 sounded a bit better than the 3.1.
    But, the 3.1 did not in anyway sound worse. It was just a little less full sounding - thats all.

    I think the 3.1TL is the most overlooked polk speaker ever manufactured. What it does, it does wonderfully. Problem is, not to many people know that.
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