fx300i surround setup

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looking from the tv towards the back of the room should the rear surround fx300i speakers have the tweeter/driver configuration on the inside (A) or outside (B)?

My speakers do not have the Left and Right sticker on the back and I want to ensure they are setup correctly.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Jeremy West
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    the mid and high drivers side should face the TV screen. this help disfuse the sound so its hard to hear where the sound source is located .
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    A pair of fx300i's do indicate left and right. Just look at the serial number. The right will have a "CR" and the left with have a "CL". However, the manual also says the PolkAudio logo will face the rear of the room (if they are mounted on the sides of the room). However, the fx300i's have a logo on both sides. I don't know if that was just for the other higher end models the manual covers and it really doesn't matter for the fx300i's, or if the logo was since added to both sides since the manual was printed.