My sub is too loud!

I just got the 6200 series home theatre, my neighbors have told me the base they hear in they're apartment is like constant thunder. I really love this system! The bass is unreal from this sub, but its either to low or to high. How can I get the best blend?
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    they just changed all the forums so im not sure but i think you should probably post that under the sub woofer hook-up and bass management which i think is more for home theater
    this is more car sub woofer i think...
    am i right justin??
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    ok, i'll look at it again. thx
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    Try moving your sub closer to you listening position. You can also put a piece of slate, granite or marble under your sub. Put this on some kind of padding to cushion the vibrations to the floor and walls. This should help with neighbors and to tighten the bass a little. After you find a new sweet spot call the neighbors and ask how it sounds. You may have to move it again, but they'll appreciate your efforts and can give a direct feedback as to how much is annoying as you crank-it-up.

    I've had to do similar with an upstairs tenant.
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    As I was walking out of my apartment yesterday my neighbor was doing the same. So I decided it was the most opportune time to ask "hey is my bass too loud?". Suddenly his face was filled with an angry look. So we had a small conversation about it outside. Then I offered him to come inside so I could show him what I thought the problem was. That being my sub is right next to a doorway. About ten feet from that is our adjoining wall. So I think I'll move my sub on the other side of the room behind my sofa. While he was here I figured it was the perfect time to demonstate the problem. He agreed with my opinion. I never thought it was to loud, because he also has a surround system. He stated in the past he does not put it over half, and I can barely hear that except for large explosions. Well I did not know he does not run a sub but just his Technics 12" mains for his low end. I also offered to trade DVD's for a night if he wanted. So I showed him mine. He picked up my Pearl Harbor, and said "I knew it, I knew you had this. I could hear it as the planes would fly overhead, and said to my wife. He's watching Pearl Harbor." I also threw in Fast and Furious to show the benefits of having a powered sub. So lesson learned buy a house soon
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    Slate will stop the direct connection to the floor, hence your neighbor will hear it less. Don't get tile get agood 1" thick peice, most stone yards will cut it for a little extra. This along with moving it away from the ajoining wall will do best IMO.
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    I had the same thing with my 350..Im in a home so I wasnt worried about he neighbors but it was way to bass heavy so I moved my subwoofer out of the corner and have it on the wall closer to the doorway of the sounds great ..anyway in an apt Im sure no matter where you put it the neighbors are going to hear it
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    Thanks for the idea of the slate. I am going to CC Saturday to buy a long cable to decrease the proximety to the wall from 10' to 25' in hopes that will alleviate some of the problem. As I stated previously I can hear his system a little. So as long as I can reduce what he hears to a tollerable level, and don't listen to it elevated levels say past ten PM. I hope we will both be satisfied.
    Thanks for the input guys!
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    Would it sound funny if you hung my sub from the celling?
    I have no idea where i should put it so any info would be great.