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Anyone remember these? these had 2 models that I recall they were bookshelfe speakers but had the woofer down firing onto bottom plate. Those and some Boston Acustic's and Polk CRS's and the Timeframe's were all at the Dealer at one time or another.

Sorry to drag you down my memory lane.

That dealer hooked me up with my first real rig, NAD 3020 int amp 4020 am/fm tuner and 6155 ( # maybe?) cass.
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Where is the remote? Where is the $%#$% remote!

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    Yep, the DA's, ****, now the model slipped my mind. I have a set of drivers and crossovers from a pair (ups destroyed the cabs). I want to say the SA-10. 1 inch dome, 5.25 inch mid, bottom firing 10 inch woof, 12 inches square. Crossovers are at 200 and 2000, 12db/octave, attenuator for +/-3db on the tweeter.

    Very good sounding speakers, with a high 'coolness' factor in design. I believe they had a couple smaller models, one was setup very differently. I think it had a 1 inch dome, and 3 inch dome mid on the front, with a bottom firing 8 (again, 10 or so inches sqaure). Those large dome mids are a trip to behold.

    I planned on putting them back together, in my own enclosure someday soon...for now, they sit in the magic closet with a potpurri of other drivers/parts.....

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    Oh yea! My cousin just gave his son his DA's and the highs will fry your ears today just as good as the day they were made.

    Very crisp, warm sounding speakers.

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