FS: Polk DX9 - 6x9" 3 way triaxial

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Pair of DX9 6x9's, no box, just the speakers. If you need a manual, I can print one out offline.

Condition I would rate at about 85% ... cosmetically they've had better days, acoustically they're top shelf. I've beat on equipment, but when its broke I scrap it. I don't keep it or sell it.

These had regularly seen between 75 and 150 wrms in various installations. They've been my vagabond speakers, jumping from car to car as needed.

terminals have been always soldered to speaker wire, so if you want to put spade connectors on, let me know, I'll solder on pigtails with spade connectors. If not, solder away.

Asking $75 plus actual UPS / FED EX / or Post Office shipping of your choice from 14220.

note - Will include Polk EX III series grilles free of charge. The EX III grilles are "flat black" just like the DX grilles were, they look a little different but they say "polk" on the very bottom and do fit the DX9's -- I've used them on them before, they look good. I put the EX 3's in the caddy under the deck so I didn't need the grilles.

Email - [email protected]

Serious Inquiries ONLY

WILL TRADE --> for a home audio tape deck. you know the kind that hook into like your home theatre receiver and ****... well mine is totally shot to hell. it was a very nice twin deck kenwood but it took a **** on last year and I'm in the market for a new (read as "used") one. something like this ... http://www.crutchfield.com/S-UOK32oEpcVw/cgi-bin/ProdView.asp?g=54200&id=morephotos&pi=7&i=158TCWE475&display=L#Tab

I don't care how old it is as long as it works 100% and is black or very dark grey in color. If you want to trade, I'll cover shipping both ways for a guaranteed not dead on arrival tape deck.
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