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What speaker size should be selected in the setup menu (Small or Large) when using RT2000i's as the main speakers, with RT55i's as the second set? The RT2000's seem to be a no-brainer as Large's, but combining these with the RT55i's makes me wonder. Side note: The RT55i's are powered using an amp from the line level pre-outs and should, therefore, receive the same processed signal as the mains (or will they use an un-processed signal).

If the setting is Large, should a separate bass management system be used to filter out the low end signals that would become distorted by the RT55i's?
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    I would leave the setting on large . The RT55is shouldn't distort just won't produce below there cutoff frequency. There may be somewhat of a loss of output since you are sending some audio signal that cant be produced by the speaker. Not really a loss but you could get better SPL out of the speaker by cutting off unproduceable frequencies.
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