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will the fxi30 match up with my fx500i surrounds in my 7.1 set up. I am using a set of nuance bookshelfs for my rears right now and want to replace them.the rest of my system consists of cs400i,and a set of rt1000i fronts,i am waiting for my psw650 sub to arrive.allspeakers are driven by onkyo 898
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    Don't blame ya replacing those nuance. I heard some scary stories about them at audioreview !
    I'd see if you can get a pair of fxi50 than the 30's. Probably closer to specs.
    If you're interested in dvd-audio, go for directs (also recommended from thx) .
    Polk Rt800i -Fronts
    Polk cs400i -Center
    Polk fx500i -side surrounds
    Polk rc60i -rear surrounds
    Onkyo TX-NR 1009 (9.2) receiver
    Velodyne cht12
    Polk psw111
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    I agree with begbie. Go for the I50s they will match a bit better. That Onkyo TXDS898 is an excellant receiver. This set up will sound really awsome.
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