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I own the PSW650 which is "good times" when it is shaking the concrete, however, lately I have noticed before it auto switches off a humming noise coming from the internal amp.(I guess)

As far as I can tell this unit is performing normally, however, until recently, I never heard this humming noise.

It's not coming from the speakers, but internal, like an electric hum.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


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    I have the same Sub. also I have a PSW350. I didn't think it was operating properly and it had a hum in it . Call customer service they sent me out a new back plate complete . Switched it out works great!!. If it is coming from the amp not speaker it is probly the power supply humming could be week. Call them up let Polk know what you are experiencing. I thought it would be a hassle sent a new amp right out to be didn't even want the old one back.
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    hi elsid88 & bbubba, it is good to know about the hum if your psw-650 or any polk sub amp is going out , if you have a bad hum all you do is call polk, i got 2 psw-650s and i dont have no hums. dose polk guarantee there sub amps for 1 yr.
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    lets all go to the next ces.
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    powered amps are 3 years, the speakers five years!!!!!!

    So a sub is 3 years for the amp section, and five years for the rest of the speaker.:p :p
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    if it is not under warentee and you have to get it repared it is about 100 but if you can sodder you can fix it your self
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    Thanks for participating on the Forum. It might be best to give me a call at 1-800-377-7655 extension 891, I'm sure I can help.
    Regards, Ken Swauger
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    I have a 650 too, when my 650 was new no hum no problem after about 1 month, I had a hum with the system off, Kinda sounded like a amp hum & one day it was loud. From the day I noticed the hum the sub started to work intermittently. Took it in for repair & got it back & it still dosnt work. My 650 is in for repair again! I owned the sub for about 3 mo its been in for repair for about one month & in my home for two months. I dont know whats wrong, is there an issue with the 650 amp? Lucky for me still under warranty but Id rather have a working sub instead!
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    call customer service !!

    Opps only 2 years warranty on the amps.

    Good tip for any electronic equipment break in . Leave the unit on for 7 days 24 hours a day not cranked up but on a low to moderate setting . On most equipment it is harder on it to run at a lower volume . than cranked up . If it is going to break it will happen durring your break in period . And if not then most cases a long long time after.