suggestions on a sub for Polk 500.1 Carbon series

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any suggestions on a sub for a Polk Momo 500.1 Carbon Series? Smth with 500rms and will work at 2ohms
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    There are several nice subs that will fit the bill. What is your budget?
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    100- 200 bucks
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    I'd suggest a Polk MOMO MM2104 or MM2124, depending on which size you want.
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    Simple question. If you had a cool million bucks, what would you do with it?
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    get the most out of your amp.

    get ahold of say ...

    JBL power series dual 4 ohm coil - - 200 bucks

    Audiobahn AWC12T dual 4 ohm coil- - 120 bucks

    both of those are about 500 - 600 watt subs when wired in parallel to 2 ohms... the amp will do 500++ watts at 2 ohms... so its a good match. they're affordable too. personally i'd do the JBL, but it's not out yet for a little bit. Audiobahn's not bad... precision isn't as good as polk, but it's nice.

    see the problem is you're going with one sub... if you did say two 10" subs, you could 1) get into something polk 2) get into something with better sound quality characteristics 3) spend the same amount of money and 4) be happier with the overall awesomeness of it.

    if you do 2 subs -- grab either of these.

    1- generation 2 momo's - formerly 250 bucks, now on clearance at 99 bucks each - one of polk's best subs... 10" 4 ohm - they're about 400 watts each, but 250 - 275 watts each will do them up enough to get good performance, at least that's what Thom told me a while ago when polk had like a BMW or something with two of those subs and a 500 w alpine driving them.

    2- polk baby momo 10's -- 300w rms they'll put ya back 120 per sub, but they're worth it dude. they are very very very nice ... kind of the "best of both worlds" when it comes to subs... polk is really the only company i can say that got that "best of bth worlds" thing down to a science. they've been making subs of this nature for a long time, and they do a good job of it.

    good luck dude.
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  • customaudiosystems
    m running a Alpine 12" R Type dual 4 ohm voice coil subwoofer I have wired the sub in parallel so it's going to be run as a 2ohm sub in a slot ported enclosure and im using a Polk Momo Carbon 500.1 series amp to run it how do you think that combination will run and I should be able to run the amplifier 3/4 of gain or would it work well with the gain turned right up what do you think