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I believe that is the only JVC we now carry. My source being the CC website. But hey it as been wrong before and so have I. I am pondering the DCM'sfor music only. Polk's for 5.1 television that being PL2. The DCM's were chosen for speaker size only. I realize paper cones can be bad. Though some rather reputalble companies still use it. Rockford Fosgate and Velodyne being two, and the rather cool looking Alpine type R's under the gray cone is a second paper cone (seen 5 with the outer broken probably from abuse.)Oh and the DCM's with the 12's have won a award can't remember which though. Damn it! Haven't even heard a pair yet. But I will. Then the decision will be made. Have Fisher's now with 8's 3's and 2's. My virgin ears don't mind the sound. Plus I got them brand-new for garage sale prices. My boss said we have not carried their speakers for like 8 years. Upgrade because my cousin needs a set of speakers. So they would make a geat gift.
The guy with $40.00 mains and a $700.00 subwoofer.
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