SDA SRS hookups

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I just purchased a pair of SDA SRS towers. I don't know the model number, but they have 8 drivers, 4 tweeters and a 15" passive radiator. Can they be run with my two Mac MC30s? Will they sound better with a Crown PSA amp?
I also need help with a crossover cable. I understand these need one, but I don't believe the units have it with them. Can I wire this up myself or is it some special breed?
Thanks for any help you can give..
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    First, the model number the same as the serial numbers
    Secondly, you need interconnect cable for both speakers they
    should connect both speakers to transfer information from left to
    right and right to left this creates stereo dimensional array.
    Lastly, If you need help how to make your own cable browse
    my other post at this forum:

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    Thanks for the info. I don't have a model number ....I bought them on Ebay for $600 and don't pick them up until tomorrow.
    I didn't realize that the cable was such a simple arrangement....easy to do.
    I'm still wondering if Mac30s will drive them OK though. Commoning the ground isn't a problem, but I understand a fair amount of power is needed to run them well. I have several large Cerwin Vega and Crown amps, but would prefer to stay with the Mac30s or Dyna Mk3s.
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