LS-90 efficency

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Anybody remember the efficiency rating for the LS-90's?
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    They were rated at 90dB. And that's not just from memory. That's straight out of the Polk literature. Nice speakers.

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    Not just nice, SEXY speakers brotha....

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    Thanks Stubby:
    We're in the process of moving and I have no idea where I packed orig. manuals. Thinking of moving up to either Denon 5802 (from Sony DA50ES), or going Marantz pre w/monoblocks. Thought I remembered efficiency as being fairly high. I'll be upgrading speaker cables as well, so thought this was good info to have...
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    If you are thinking of spending the money on the Denon 5800. Take a look at ROTEL! They make high end separates & receivers that just sound incredible. The RMB 1095 (200w x 5) power amp. & RSP 1066 pre-amp/processor list for about $3500. The sound is awesome. Compared to the Denon 5800 go with the Rotel set-up. The Rotel RMB 1075 (120w x 5) power amp. & RSP 1066 pre./proc. list for about $2700.
    Go to to get info and dealer near you.
    I had settled on the Denon AVR3802 (About $1000), before I heard the Rotel line. Now I'm trying to come up with and extra $1700 in the budget. :p
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    Thanks- I've had no experience with Rotel. When you live in the tullies of eastern N.M. you tend to have limited choices. I have listened to the new Denon, as well as the Marantz w/monoblocks, but short of the really expensive gear, that's about it. Any and all advice is appreciated....
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