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Ok I was tweaking my system tonight and I have a question about the "Low Pass" knob. On the 350 you can set it from a range of 60-120hz.

1) Is 60 the high setting meaning that any bass going below this number will kick in the sub?

2) What do most of you guys have your sub low pass set at?
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    setting your subs low pass knob to 60 will allow any frequency under 60hrz to play through, anything above will be cut off. i set my HSU's at 80hrz. using the LFE out of my rec., which is set to 80hrz already, this allows me to avoid double filtering. if you have your 350 hooked up using the LFE out on your rec., it is also probably sending a signal cut off at 80hrz as well. if your mains are not covering the 80-60hrz range you will experience a 'gap' in your frequency response....
    ...the fOrce is strong with this one.
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