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I'm a newbie here and also with polks but am very happy to step up & join the ranks.

I Have the rm7600 set p with the psw650. Seems that the sub with the power switch set on auto (on/off/auto) turns itself on from time to time. I'll walk through the room, and see the green power light for the sub on and I know I haven't had my system on for hours. Is this normal & will it happen from time to time or is it something I should be concered about??


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    The light on my PSW1200 has never worked but if your 650 is like the rt power towers---if you have it set to on or auto the light will stay on ALL the time---it is just showing that you have power going to it. Like a standby on a component. Nothing to worry about.
    Mark, welcome to the Club Polk!
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    thanks for the welcome scott!!

    I do have it set to auto, but it's supposed to shut itself off after 15 minutes or so and the ligt goes off also. Then as soon as it gets a signal, i turns itself back on (light back on).. Maybe it's floor vibration or something. Got a pretty busy household and a few heavey footed kids. Other than that, I love it

    Only other problem is I'm going to have to find a night job so I can listen to my music or watch a movie when nobody's home (hahah)!!

    You can check out any time you like..,
    but you can never leave...........
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    I have the PSW650. It shuts off within 10 or so minutes when there is no signal.

    I remember reading some time in the past on this site that the light question could really depend on the model year. Some years they stayed on, and others they would shut off.

    That's my $.02.

    BTW, build a HT and then you won't need a night job. That's what I had to do.

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