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Recently purchased Center & Surround Speakers and purchased a DVD. I would like advice on hooking up for the best sound. Below, I have outlined the equipment:

Receiver - HarmanKardon 45
Front Speakers - RT 1000P
Center Speaker - CS 400 I
Surround Speakers - F50 I

Also have RCA TV, Hitachi VCR and Scientific Atlanta Expolorer 3000 digital cable box in the mix.

All advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    I think your question is too broad to easily answer...........

    What exactly were you looking for?

    At this juncture, use quality speaker wire, cables, and connections - that's really important - don't skimp.

    Use component video cables on the TV, and digital fiber optic or digital coax on the audio out from the DVD.

    Other than the conventional set-up for HT, experiment with speaker size and bass management on your receiver, rent or borrow an SPL meter and match sound levels for your speakers and then adjust to taste.

    You may find the RT1000i does not fill the room with enough deep bass volume to satisfy your HT needs. Do not push this speaker beyond its capabilities - you will damage the relatively small woofers.

    Get a powered sub if you need more bass output. There are a few ways to connect the powered sub and the powered mains - others have more experience than I do in this area - consult with them if you take this route.

    Good luck........

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