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I'm trying to decide between the RTi100 and the RT1000i for mains in my home theater. Circuit City has both in stock; $700 for a pair of 1000i's and $1000 for a pair of RTi100's.

Checking the specs on the Polk website, it shows that the newer model (RTi100) goes a whopping 10 Hz lower than its predecessor. Does anybody know if that's true or not? If it is, I'll pay the extra cash for the RTi100's and not worry about adding a subwoofer. If I get the 1000i's, I'd probably be craving more bass than 36 Hz.

My current setup in the front is just a pair of 35i's and a PSW350. The 350 really isn't enough bass for my area (38 Hz), so I'd like to find something that could go lower than that.

I'm assuming that there would be an enormous difference between 36 Hz and 26 Hz, right? Any insight you guys can provide will be greatly appreciated!

joe :D
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    Bring a CD that you know goes lower than 36Hz, and give them a listen ;)

    The roll-off of the crossover might not be too drastic, so you still get some of the lower stuff, just softer.

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    There are really very few soundtracks with substantial bass signals below 30Hz.

    While it is certainly technically significant (bravo Polk) that the RTi100's have better bass extension than the RT1000i's, I'm not sure you will really benefit from it in most real world situations.

    Despite its ability to go really deep, the RTi100 is definitely limited (as is the RT1000i) in the amount of air it can physically move. Hearing a signal at 30Hz and feeling it are two very different things.

    Match-up the RT3000p's and the RTi100's (which both have sub 30Hz bass roll-off points) with a 30Hz test tone and start turning up the volume - the RTi100's will give up the ghost long before they start really shaking the room, whereas the RT3000p's (with its four 8" woofers and 600 watts) will turn your guts to jello and create stress cracks in your walls before they run out of steam.

    If you are into HT and play it loud and want tons of impact on low bass, here's my three suggestions - save the $300 and buy the RT1000i's, and either:

    1) Buy another PSW 350 and run them stacked with an LFE Y splitter - they won't go any deeper than one 350, but with 200 watts and two 10" woofers they sure move a bunch of air at 35Hz and 95% of DVDs don't have much bass below that; or

    - if you are really concerned about the last half of the lowest octave -

    2) Sell your PSW 350 for $200 on EBay, and buy a PSW 650 for $550 that has 165 watts and two 10" woofers, and is flat to around 28Hz; or

    3) Talk to Juice21 about HSU subs and check out the HSU website. Buy the latest 12" offering made especially for HT for around $800 - I heard it moves amazing amounts of air and is flat well into the 20's.

    Just my $0.02!!!
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    you can diy a 15 for 500 if you dot mind bulding smmething and got the tools
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