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I have only heard a couple of things about replacing the cloth on speaker grills on the forum and cannot remember what anyone recommended.
I have the RTA-8t's and the grill cloth is in great shape but, as you probably know, the cloth is VERY thick and I'd like something thinner in black that would look nice and still let much more sound through.
Can anyone please give me your advise about any fabric that anyone sells for this purpose? If you do could you also tell me where I could get ahold of some?
I know this subject is lacking but I'd really appreciate if anyone could give me a heads-up.
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    This stuff is just like polk sda speaker cloth. Very nice. They have gray, white and brown as well.
    Vinyl, the final frontier...

    Avantgarde horns, 300b tubes, thats the kinda crap I want... :D
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    Thanks Madmax. Just one question though, what the heck is a linear yard?:D
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    The site says '67" wide sold by the linear yard' which means 1 linear yard is a piece 67" wide by 36" long.
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    GZ is correct, at least that is what mine measured. So... I wonder what would a non-linear yard would look like?
    Vinyl, the final frontier...

    Avantgarde horns, 300b tubes, thats the kinda crap I want... :D
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    Thanks for the Grille cloth that I had purchase at Parts Express,
    I got them for only $7.50 a yard.
    I had already replaced one speaker cabinet and one more to go. You know it is very tricky to replace all the grille cloth for SDA
    SRS 1.2TL's wrap around to the speaker cabinet and I even stained the side panel oak like trim (Now Mahogany), and the top and bottom part of the cabinet, before I did it I had to take them all apart. The side panels for 1.2TL's, should be taken apart, but once you discover how to take them out from the main cabinet they are now easy to replace the cloth. I took a week to realize and discover how to removed it. The front grille is
    the easies part to replace the cloth.

    The grille cloth that I purchased to Part Express is much thiner
    than the original cloth, for 4 yards is enough to replace all the cloth trim for SRS 1.2TL's.

    Thanks again... Madmax for the site of Part Express...

    By the way anyone wishing to replace the cloth for their
    SDA SRS 1.2TL's be my guest to give you idea to replace
    them in a professional way, not just amateur... these speakers
    are not just cheap ones they are still a good competators of todays Leading models.

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    parts express has free samples :)
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