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    If everything is sold, edit your first post and indicate so.

    It makes it easier for everyone to know as soon as they open the for sale thread what is, and is not, available.

    Thank you,
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    nellis8166 wrote:
    Ok Folks, I've got a wedding to pay for so I have unload a bunch of stuff. The following Item are for sale:

    1 pair Lsi9- $450 plus ship. One of them needs a new grill, kid knocked it off the stand. It in no way damaged the speaker itself. Just too lazy to order a new grill.
    1 LsiC- $250 plus ship
    1 SVS 20-39PCi- $250 plus ship
    1 Onkyo TX-SR800- $450 plus ship
    1 Adcom GFA7400- $500 plus ship

    Everyone of these items has less than 100 hours on them(basically new.)

    The only item left is the Adcom. Before I try and sell locally I'm dropping my price to $350 shipped.
    The GFA7400 puts out 100x5 into 8 ohms and 150x5 into 4 ohms. It ran my Lsi's very nicely.

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    In the bottom left hand corner of your posts (individual posts) there is an edit button.

    You can edit any post at any given time that you made. This is what Brett meant by editing. This way when people over your thread and view your items, they will know what is sold and your current prices...
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    Looks like Sami is on that Adcom, but if he passes I’ll take it for sure.

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    Guess I am the 3rd guy............... ;)

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    Check has been sent for that Adcom. :)
  • Sami
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    Received the amp today in flawless condition, thanks Nat! And thank you for including the IC's as well!