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When I purchased this system about 2 years ago, I used my old front speakers as surrounds. I'm satisfied with the sound but the surround speakers are large (22" x 13" x 12", 30+ pounds each) and I'm looking for something smaller. The R-10s are currently being advertised for $80 / pair at Circuit City and I am considering getting a pair. Although I use the system for both home theater and home stereo, I'm only considering the home theater application for the surround speakers since I always listen 2 channel, effects off when using the system for home stereo. Would the R-10s be adequate for this application?
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    Well, I was actually wondering the same thing since they're such a killer deal right now. I'm thinking that the Rt35i's or 25i's would be a better bet for me though since I have 600i's
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    They would probably be a better bet for you too since they both have the same tweeter as your 55i's do. The 35i's even have the same woofers. Both speakers are on sale at CC right now.
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    tmaschek - the r-10's will be adequate for rears in your system. for $80, they are a great buy! for HT, i found that di/bipole surrounds really offer a difuse, engulfing sound, of course these are quite a bit more than $80, and it is just my personal preference. i think for $80, you will be happy with the r10's in your system...

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    wesmo, the rt35i's would be the ideal choice to mate with your 600i's. you could also go with the f/x300's or f/x500's, although these are getting hard to find...
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    Yes I know they have. I think they still have a few at CC, but right now I'm saving up for a new receiver to replace my sony str475. I'm really leaning towards the 35i's though, since I'm not sure if my bedroom (11x120 is large enough to get the full effects of the dipole/bipole surrounds. What's your take?
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    I know a few people that are using the R10's and they sound great.
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    I really like my R10's. No complaints at all. At 80 bucks a pair, I would buy a pair just for the sake of it.

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    Originally posted by Wesmo
    I'm really leaning towards the 35i's though, since I'm not sure if my bedroom (11x120 is large enough to get the full effects of the dipole/bipole surrounds. What's your take?

    in a small space i think you are going to appreciate the 35i's, but at the same time they will suffer from localization. i ran 35i's for my rears for awhile and loved them, until i got the fx1000's, and realy got to experience the diffuse sound i had been hearing in the demo rooms. it was that much better at home! my HT is set up in the front 15x15 of a 15x25 space, you can check out photos in the system showcase. i don't think your small space will hinder the performance of the di/bipole's as long as you have a 'close to ideal' place to mount them. i prefer them set to dipole on the side walls. that's my take...
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    i have 4 of them in my liveing room i got them free when i bought my mains ans surounds i have them hooked up with a jbl center chanel and a cheap recever with 25wpc they sound good but they just dont match my ht in the basement but they are good i was using a rt10 as the rear center befor i went for the 7.1 setup
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    Absolutely, at 80 bucks they are hard to beat.
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    I just picked up a pair of R10's at C.C. last weekend, 80 bucks, what a steal.
    I also have RT55i fronts, So far I have no complaints.
    I popped in my Gladiator DVD and it sounded very impressive.
    I don't think you will be disappointed... go for it.

    Good luck, Ed
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    How did you "mate" your fronts? with RT35's and RT800i's? how do you wire them.. and what improvment in sound did you hear before you did that? were you just running the 800i's before?
    I am curious as to what it sounds like.
    thanks, Al
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    the 800's are bi-wired and then the 35's are run in parallel from the upper posts of the 800's. the 800's sounded great by themselves, but i saw TUI's set-up and i had to try it out. the 35's added a crispness to the highs and upper mids that the 800's lacked on their own. once i got the fx1000's to 35's came free to move from rear's to the front 'stacked' towers. if you have both of these speaker's, try it some day, see what you think of it! it was a great improvement IMO...
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    I have them and have no complaints what so ever.
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    Thanks for the info. I bought a pair last night. I've hooked them up and I think that they will do fine.
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    I know I'm getting in late since you have already bought them but I think you made a good decision. I have bought 3 pair of them (for surrounds and center back, then for a 2 speaker and sub set-up in my office) in the last couple of weeks at the $80 per pair price. I think they match up pretty well with my 800s in the HT.
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