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I was having a rough day yesterday, Damm painful back and my wife, bless that women,s soul bought me the new Darren Hayes (EX SAVAGE GARDEN) cd titled SPIN. I dont know if it has been released in the States yet but if it has go and listen to this cd, it is very good. Regards Fabian
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    Yes, it's also here in Canada......I just seen a copy yesterday when I went out to pick up the Joyride DVD. I have seen the video for the latest hit......can remember the name but it was good....I will evently pick up a copy when I get the chance again but I do have the first two copies of Savage Garden and enjoy it alot until after playing over 30 times+........................

    I hope your back pain has subsided abit!

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    Fabian, good call it came out in the states two weeks ago. Actully I was going to do a review on it but have not had the time. It has very good sound quality. My girlfriend is a huge fan. Got to see them in Las Vegas over ayear ago at HOB. :cool:
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