Babylon 5 DVD'S FOR SALE

Mr. BaskumMr. Baskum Posts: 8
edited August 2005 in For Sale (FS) Classifieds
If anyone out there needs the first two seasons of Babylon 5, I have them for sale- originals six discs to each set,all in excellent condition, one very minor scuff on season one, disc one, also the tinyest of scratches on a few of the discs when they were removed from the poorly designed original cases, I have since put the discs in padded replacement sleeves, this offer is unusual, as anything from my own personal collection that I resell is in stone mint condition, I am selling these for a freind. Be assured they play excellently, and you can have both seasons for $70.00, including U.S. shipping, a good deal as these go for eighty bucks plus apiece at Best Buy.Keep me from putting these on Ebay, where I am known as Dogbeak with a 100% feedback rating. Thanks!
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