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In an earlier thread I expalined that my replacement driver MW6510 didn't work. I called Ken and he is sending out a new driver. Thanks. My question is: What are the likely reason for the failed driver? It would not function at all (no sound). The wires are soldiered (sp?) to the connectors and they are connected to the the bottom of the driver. Where do the wires go from there and what would make the driver not receive any power? Thanks, Jeff
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    It probably had a flaw in the coil winding and opened up during assembly. This sometimes happens because of the fragility of the winding wire in being such a tiny conductor.

    Either that or the insulating coating had a bad spot and "shorted" the winding in the test phase, or when you tried it, and caused it to "burn" open.

    All is well though thanks to Ken again......................Thoses guys are great like I said.

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