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Was cleaning around the hometheater setup and found later one of my speakers weren't producing any sound. I checked connections,levels,balance etc. and all were fine.
I found the problem to be a feather duster(no jokes) resting on the speaker wire !? As soon as I removed it, everything was fine.
The cable is well sheilded, so what was the problem? I gather it was the static electricity that was built up in the brush, but shoudn't this have been protected from?
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    what kind of speaker wire do you have?
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    If it is shielded cable, then static electricity wouldn't play a role, unless the shielding is nicked, but still a long shot none the less..

    Very strange problem is this.........?!?!?

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    that's it. i'm getting rid of all my feather dusters.. they are evil. ha ha ha.

    very strange indeed. I never would have thought a feather duster could cause a problem like that.
    let me know if you find our any more about it.
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    You got me danger boy! What I offered is about the only thing that comes to mind as I personally have never heard of such a phenomenon!!

    Oh well, learn something new everyday!!!!!!

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    I think you have a bad connection somewhere and the weight of the duster broke the connection, then when you removed the duster the connection made again. Just my opinion.

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