Onkyo P-301 pre and M-501 Amp

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this was my first foray into seperates. I bought these new in 1996 and was the only owner

P-301 pre has a phono, 2 tape inputs Video 1 and 2 (including jacks in the front). nice little pre, nothing flashy. good entry level piece, thinking 100.00 shipped conus

M-501 Amp Tough amp, 150 watts X 2 Has A/B speaker switch for multiple zone but i never used it. you can only use one set of speakers at a time, so you can A/B easily, but not drive 4 speakers. Has a reputaion of having issues with low impedane loads, but i drove 4 ohms without breaking a sweat (RTA-12's)
excellent entry level piece into seperates. 150.00 shipped

both pieces have some scratches, but ae in overall good condition. The amp has a scratch to the metal on top. (less than an inch i think, i'll get some pics up soon.
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