DIY projector screen for sale in NOVA

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I'm moving and I plan on having a permanently wall mounted setup in the new place so it will do me no good. (plus it would be a hassle to move)

What you are looking at is a 92 or 96" (I forget exactly) DIY screen made from black out fabric and not painted. It comes with a pair of stands that I made and painted a glossy black (the finish is not living room quality but it looks a lot better than bare wood). As you can see the screen can be broken down from the stands and stored which was necessary for my current setup and worked well. The stands have casters on them but arent that heavy. They are made with 2" thick MDF bases so they are stable though.

Between the wood, mdf, casters, and blackout cloth I figure I have at least $100 in materials into this project, not to mention my time in building it. I'd like to get between $50-100 for the thing.

The kicker, you must pick this up yourself in Fairfax, VA sometime in the next two weeks. This will likely entail a truck or large minivan/SUV. The frame is stapled screwed and glued and not disassembleable

I'm offering it to the club first, this screen served me well and hopefully someone else can take advantage of it. I'll post it on AVS or hometheater later if there is no interest here.

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