Max Length of Subwoofer Cable

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Can anyone tell me what the Max Length of Subwoofer Cable sould be? I would like to run it about 20 feet. Is this ok and what would a good cable to use?

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    20' is no problem with a good grade of cable. Monster or AR will do just fine if you are like me and can only spend so much:o
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    20 feet for your subwoofer cable should pose no problems for you. I have a 30 foot one and it is just fine. Just a good quality cable is important.

    Monster and AR are good.. but also check out IXOS cables. ixos cables

    they have a few different subwoofer cables.. not many people ever think of them when looking for cables.. but I have had good luck with them. they have all lenghts to fit your needs.
    Available in the following lengths: 9.8', 16.4', 29.5', 39.3' (3.0m, 5.0m, 9.0m, 12.0m)
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    my sub cabble is 50 feet and i have no proplem i made sure i kept it away from power lines it is a ar cabble i use 2 12 and 1 25 i have good barel concetors the reason y i use 3 is i have a wall plate and it conects to the back and the shortest i could find is 12 feet
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