RT2000i + CS400i + f/x300i = ?

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I've got a pair of RT2000i speakers (love 'em) driven by a Denon AVR-3801 and am in the process of completing my system.

For surrounds, I just grabbed the last new-in-box pair of f/x300i's for $200. I've been reading some of the posts here and was wondering if anyone had advice on the mating of these surrounds with the RT2000i's.

Also, I'm on the trail of the wild and discontinued CS400i center channel. If I can't grab one, how does the new CSi40 match up with the RT2000is?

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    RT2000i's w/ f/x300i's- I actually have the 1000i's with the 300i's and notice they work well together. But since they do not have the same tweeter, it is not a perfect timbre match. This is one thing to consider.

    CS400i versus the CSi40 - I would really try to pick up the 400i because the timbre match is more crucial in the front soundstage than it is in the rear with the 300i's. I would seriously try to get a 400.

    Good luck!
    J B
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