Anyone matched the Sanus....

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... Natural Foundations 18" or 20" Stands that are advertised on the Club Shopping page, the cherry colored stands that is, with their cherry RT55i's? Just wondering if it's an actual color match (close enough, anyway) or not. I'd like to order them if they do pair up nicely, in terms of aesthetics and practical design. Perhaps no one else has done this.
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  • OrangeToupeeOrangeToupee Posts: 488
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    Zoinks, thanks for the link, so I guess it doesn't provide an exact match. Well, I'm happy with the pair of black Sanus stands that I have for my 35i's, so I don't have any fear of their construction. These are not made of cheap partical board, and I doubt the cherry ones are either. I'm more of an "it's close enough" kind of guy, so I think I'll order them.

    My other fear: Are the 55i's so heavy that if I use the spikes, the spikes could go right through the bottom of my speakers over time and puncture their brainheartbuttsouls? The spikes have scratched up my 35i's (I move them a lot, taking them to friends houses) pretty good, but nothing serious.
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