The Center Of The World

edited March 2002 in Music & Movies
just another outing at the DVD store.....sometimes you win and sometimes you loose! but it hard not to buy something before you DVDs) another favorite retailer that I may find some deals in Canada is just got bought out by Best Buys.

I just picked up a copy of this DVD and did know what to expect from it.......and after watching sucked big time! (too bad I couldn't get a refund on it) I had another DVD (Conspiracy) in my hand but I put it back and went and gambled on the The Center Of The World. I also happened to pick up and older DVD Das Boot.....I hear this was pretty good and the price was pretty cheap 19.99 Canadian or about 11.00us and the last copy I bought was a concert DVD of Bryan Adams Live At Slane Castle....(it was pretty good )I guess as a Canadian I grew up listening to his music since I was a kid and still follow it to this day.



ps. sorry, for rambling on!
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