Digital coax cable???

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I am needing to run a digital coax cable about 50 feet across my house, My question is can I use rg-59 terminated with phono plugs. If not, can you make suggestions for me, I am limited as to how much money I can spend. The cable will be used for digital audio.
Thanks in advance, Crystal-clear:)
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    50ft? I would go with RG-6 quad shield with good gold plated phone plugs connected to it. What is it for?
    J B
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    I will be linking my computer to my stereo system useing H/K's DAL-150 digital link. It hooks up to a USB port and goes to a Coaxal digital input in the stereo.
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    Let me know how the H/K adapter works out. I've been thinking of doing the same thing. On another topic, do you know of anyway to hook your computer up to a TV (use a TV as the computer's monitor). I know that there are video cards available that have s-video outputs, but was looking for an external solution.

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    If I was going to hook my computer to my receiver digitally I'd get a Sound Blaster Live with the LiveDrive or else get the Live Value edition and buy the $70 optical digital I/O card (it also has coax digital, I believe). I guess the SB Audigy cards would work too. I'm a little leary of external sound cards like the new SB Exitgy. I don't think they would be ideal for gaming applications because of the USB interface, but for digital recording applications they might be the better way to go sonically.

    I wouldn't bother trying to connect your computer to your TV unless your TV has some kind of digital input. It just doesn't look that good, especially text. They do make external boxes that allow you to use an S-video or composite cable to connect your computer to your TV. The highest resolution I've seen supported is 1024x768.

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