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I'm new to forum, and would appreciate help...My current surround setup is composed of several brands, with my front mains being LS 90's, Sony sub, a set of small paradigm for rear surounds, (which I don't like in that role), and an Atlantic center, which I know to be inadequate. We are moving, and the new living area will not allow for wall mounting. I would like to keep my LS 90's, but am willing to change all else except sub, which I like. Since this is an older model, I need guidance on center, surrounds that are compatible with my LS 90's. Also, I'm not sure that I understand the need for both rear and side surrounds...

The room seating area is approx. 18 X 18, with 20' ceilings. One wall is primarily glass, and the adjacent area is open into another sittting area. Using stands for surrounds is not a problem. I would probably continue to place my center on top of 54" t.v.

I know this is quite a laundry list, but will be greatful for any and all help.
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    do you have a dd or a prologic recever? get some frapes for the glass so you dont get alot of echo try tilting the center down at the listning position aka putsometinkg onder the rear of your center hope this helps if you have prologic you can do some different things with your surounds
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    The CS350LS is the perfect match to your LS90's tweeter, only prob is you would have to get a used one on eBay. I did and it is in exellent condition. For rears I would recomend RT-7s or LS50s either would be found on eBay. If your going with a 7.1 configuration you would need sides as well as rears. Sides or a 5.1 system would be the LS/FX series (dipole/bipole) uses the same weeter, but the rears you would want to be a direct radiating speaker. For timbre matching I would try to keep all your tweeters the same. This is all IMO, but would make one heck of a system.
    Chris :)
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    That was really good input.
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