So are the new RTi series out?

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I haven't really checked but all the latest newspaper adds and the catalog from Crutchfield indicate no. I really don't want to go back to Circuit City if I don't have to. Thanks.

BTW, if you have listened to them, would you mind making a post reviewing them? Thanks!
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    i don't think crutchfield will list the new RTi line on their website until the old RT line is cleared out. if i were you, i would give them a call. i think someone else on here has done this already. if i find that post, i'll put a link in here for you.

    as for circuit city, their website already lists the RTi50 surround as in stock at the warehouse, but not the stores. i'm assuming another week or two before we'll start to see them.

    joe :D
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    The store I work at has had the RTi28's and 38's out for about a week now. I haven't checked to see if the others are in stock yet because we have to sell through the remaining RT stock first.

    I haven't had a chance to do much critical listening yet, but my initial feel for them is that they are a little bit harsh compared to the previous line, but it could be because they haven't really been broken in yet.
  • lax01lax01 Posts: 496
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    Thanks, I really have no plans on buying them because I am very satisfied with my current setup. I would just like to listen to them but I guess I have to wait another week or two. Thanks! :)
    J B
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    The circuit city where i live has the rti100's on display now and i see on the cc website they have the fxi50's listed now.
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    the cc at where i live have the rti 1100, i listen to them but you know the rest, no chair, there in the corner, the mucic is off the fm tuner, what can i say. but they had a lot of dynamics.:mad:
    . rt-7 mains
    rt-20p surounds
    cs-400i front center
    cs-350 ls rear center
    2 energy take 5, efects
    2- psw-650 , subs
    1- 15" audiosource sub

    lets all go to the next ces.
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