PSW650 Hookup?

I just purchased an LSi system as my first home theatre system. Though not an audiophile, I have been quite a car stereo enthusiast and have decided to bring that enthusiasm to my home. I purchased the LSi15's, LSf/x's, LSiC, the PSW650 and a Denon AVR-3802 receiver for a 5.1 system. My first question is:

Q1) Should I biwire all the speakers I can? My receiver doesn't have high and low frequency outputs for each speaker. Should I run two wires from each speaker output on the receiver, one to the high and one to the low speaker inputs?

My next question is how to properly hook up the PSW650 and the LSi15's up front. The manual gives 4 options. Which one will give me the best performance?

Option 1) connect PSW650 via front main speaker level outputs on receiver and then connect LSi15's to speaker outputs from PSW650?

Option 2) connect RCA type cables from receiver's front main pre-outputs to the line level in jacks of the PSW650. Connect LSi15's to standard speaker outputs of receiver?

If either option 1 or 2 is selected, should I also connect the LFE? How can I tell if my subwoofer output jack is filtered or not?

Option 3) Connect only subwoofer output jack from receiver to either LFE or one of the line level in jacks on the PSW650?

Option 4) Preamp outputs to PSW650 inputs and PSW650 outputs back to receiver inputs?

Thanks for any response that can help a first timer!
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  • juice21
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    first off, nice purchase(s)!!!:D

    i have my rt800i's/cs400i bi-wired and i would recommend at least trying it for yourself, see if you like the results. i was very happy with the results myself...

    on bi-wring (my .02)

    as for your sub hook-up. i am running the rt800i's w/ dual HSU vtf-2's for subs, and i have the HSU's hooked up via the LFE output on my rec. i would suggest demoing as many methods as you can and see what sounds best to you. option 1 may be difficult if you are trying to bi-wire...

    good luck, and have fun! :D
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    option 4 you dont go back to the receiver on the rca out on the psw-650 they dont have a rca out put for going back to the receiver its for going to another sub, you can put a high filter crossrover before the sub witch will be good, are you taking about the rca right & left connections theres 2 inputs & 2 out puts on the psw-650, i would use your lfe rca out put on the receiver to the rca input thats deseniated for that on the psw-650. get a long interconnect so you can move the sub around to get the best spot in your room that what makes the sub sound good is the location of it.
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    lets all go to the next ces.
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    I've got a question regarding hooking up the sub via the LFE output on my receiver to the LFE input on my PSW450 sub.

    I want to try and hook up my sub via the LFE port but from what I understand, the crossover on the receiver is what takes precedance. If this is the case, my receiver will only go as low as 100 for the crossover. I've got RT800is/CS400i for my mains/centre and we all know that they go way below 100Hz.

    Would the variable crossover knob on the PSW450 help out in this case? If I set it to around 60-80 would there be a gap between 80-100? This is of course assuming that all speakers are set to small.

    Thanks for any input you guys can give.


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    P.S. I currently have my sub hooked up via the speaker out from the receiver to sub; then the sub out to the main speakers. I've also got my mains set to large and sub = no on the receiver. The reason for the question of the LFE option is because I'm thinking of bi-wiring and the LFE method would be a bit cleaner than what I've got running right now.

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    Once you let the receiver filter the higher frequencies, they are GONE. You can only make it "worse" with a sub's crossover control.

    I would set the sub to as high a crossover frequency as possible (or bypass the crossover if you can... I'm not familiar with the 450, so I can't tell you if it allows that, although I assume it doesn't from your post.)

    Give it a try. Just because the 800's CAN play below 100 doesn't mean they MUST... Also, the crossover is not a brick wall. Sounds below 100 are getting through it, but they are getting softer and softer as they get lower down.