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Now that my boxes are almost finished, I am getting to the nitty gritty questions related to box building.

First of all, instead of using speaker terminal cups like those sold at crutchfield, could you just drill holes for the wires to go through, and then seal any space with silicone caulk? Is this not good practice?

Second, I have a pair of DX6s that are going into the front doors of my 96 integra, which are presently too deep for the plastic housing. It was recommended to me by a buddy at circuit city to cut out a hole in the plastic to let the magnet pass through and buy speaker baffles from crutchfield, which are 7 dollars. Are these ok? Does anyone have anything bad to say about these baffles?

Finally, my boxes are designed to point upward, since they sit in my spare tire enclosure. I was wondering what peoples' opinions were on the Brand X waffle style speaker grille that they are selling at crutchfield. I didnt buy my momos for the looks, but they are pretty good looking and I wondered if the polkies had any recommendation for a better looking grille setup. Although, I probably wont want to pay for anything better looking, and might just spray paint the grilles silver or something. After all, I just want them to protect my subs.

Please let me know soon, so I can order this stuff from crutchfield and finish my box install. BTW, if anyone likes other online sites for buying this stuff, reply with those URLs. Thanks in advance.

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