POLK RM6200 SPEAKERS + PSW250 subwoofer for sale

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I have the POLK RM6200 5 speakers + subwoofer (PSW250) for sale ......
Well maintained. 2 years old, but hardly used for 4 months.

Check out cnet review -


I also have Onkyo TX-DS575 Home Theater Receiver, which I am pricing separately at $299.
If you are buying both as a package, we can negotiate on the price.

Serious buyers only please.
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    Originally posted by nvenks
    I have the POLK RM6200 5 speakers + subwoofer (PSW250) for sale ......
    Well maintained. 2 years old, but hardly used for 4 months.

    Serious buyers only please.

    What about the other 8 months they were abused ?:D
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    I'd respond, but I'm not serious.

    Perhaps you'd have better luck on ebay.
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    So what do you want for the speakers a $100.00? If so sold!!

    FYI-1. You should post prices for everything.
    2. Do not expect to sell anything on your first post.
    3. Try to build some credibility by responding to some posts and helping others out. Before trying to sell here. They just don't trust you on your first post especially on a sale. Too many members have been burned.
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