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i know that even though all the star wars poo that gets flung there are a lot of us waiting for the next one (dont hurt me too bad) saw today that the preveiw for the new SW will follow malcom in the middle on fox which is on sundays @ 7:30 mountain time.
this is for all those that enjoy the preveiws, as for me i wont be watching it, i avoid them as much as possible, i like watching a movie with out ever seeing a preview makes the movie more interesting, besides they usually show all the best parts.
i am proud of the fact that by the time id4 came out on vhs the only thing that i knew was that the white house was blown up, didnt see one preview and avoided all talk about the movie (just a side not)

ok let the star wars slander begin !!!!

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    i love star wars, and i am avoiding all promotions of episode II, what i've seen so far isn't inspiring me at all. i figure, if i try to avoid it, maybe i will still want to see this one while it's in the theater...:rolleyes:

    frankly, i'd rather george spend his time and $ in getting the original trilogy out on DVD...
    ...the fOrce is strong with this one.
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    I love the fact that I will be able to buy EP.II on DVD in November thus avoiding having to see this in the theater.

    Peace Out~:D
    Ron dislikes a film = go out and buy it.
    Ron loves a film = don't even rent.
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