short onkyo m501 amp review

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Finally found some time to hook the Onkyo to the main rig now that the holiday season is winding down.

I have the m501 hooked up to my RT12's and found that there's a definite improvement. The notes seems sharper and less muddled. The bass is tighter but where I notice the differences most in piano music. The notes seem to linger and sound more airy and not so compressed.

The music now seems more forward whereas the Pioneer Elite (vsx-41) seemed to present it more meekly. Some CD's sound a bit harsher now (my wife has John Denver in the cd player) but some sound wonderful (Rankin Sisters - Do You Hear Christmas cd).

The rt12's do seem happier to have more power driving them though. The mid's have always been good but I'm finding the highs have more of a presence.

I noticed that the amp needed a few minutes to warm up after power up though. After power up, the sound is thin and strained. After a minute the music starts warming up and filling in. I may just decide to leave it on all the time.

Not the most professional review but there you go. Nice upgrade to the rig at a nice price. TroyD was great to deal with.


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    good review. the m-501 was my first seperate amp. i ran a 2 channel system along with the P-301 preamp. my M-501 still powers my 2 center channel speakers in my home theater system. I just dont have the heart to dump this amp. a solid performer, and the perfect amp on the used market to get into seperates on the cheap.
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    Rock on Dave, stop BS'n and turn it up!
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    A very cool looking amp too. I was hesitant about selling mine but you can only have so much stuff. :(
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