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Man did this movie suck ____. You will know how to fill in the blank after you watch it. What's even more crazy is I like the guys they crack me up. It was as bad as that Clerks animated series that lasted 2 eposodes. Right when I heard they were making this I said "they should have done this 5 years ago".
Now Jay looks ten years older and doesn't have that funny cocky look to him anymore. Every other word is F__K. But there is totally hot women and no dam ****. Why cus all to hell get an "R" rating and show no titty? I hate that. If you are a fan it may be worth the watch. The gag reels were funny. :cool:
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    Several of my friends loved this movie. They are bringing it over tomorrow night. I'd like to watch it once, but you are not the first to seriously slam this flick.

    Peace Out~:D
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    I thought CLERKS was funny and insightful for about five minutes. I don't buy intellectual or psuedo-intellectual drivel coming from a dope head like Jay. He was saying things his "character" would never say. I got tired of it after a while.

    CHASING AMY, tho, was pretty funny and insightful. And when Silent Bob actually speaks up, it's a serious sea change and was very well done. If all Kevin Smith is known for is Silent Bob's little spoken part in CHASING AMY, he'd be a good writer.

    I couldn't get thru the stupid angel movie, even with Salma in it.

    And I am tempted, but will not bother with this one, either.

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    *drools* mmmm.........saaaalllmmmaaaa.......*homer voice*
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    I watched it last night and thought it was pretty darn funny. Then again I like stupid funny so long as it's more funny than stupid.
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    I thought the movie was ok but figured it may be more funny then it was. I liked chasing amy a lot better. I didnt think the gag reels were all that great I think some of those u have to be there to enjoy it. for some reason i just find it amusing to see people just laugh hysterically at a missed line or something. rat race had some pretty funny gag reels where he got cuba to say show me the money and it didnt look like cuba realized what he just said at first. I think jay and silent bob are better when the entire movie isnt about them. When they do a scene in a movie i think they are much better. I think there humor is funny but just like eating chocalte or something u have too much then u are sick of it.
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    rented this last nite. i have to admit i laughed prety hard through this movie, but overall, it was lacking in many aspects. pulling out one-liners from all past kevin smith flicks was pretty weak, and many aspects fo the story line were just like, where did that come from? it was good for a few cheap laughs, but don't think this one is going on the 'to buy' list....
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    Chasing Amy absolutely rocked.
    Its an excellent film.

    Dogma was alright. So was Mallrats.

    Chasing Amy is definitely his best work.
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    J&SB : Do you post on the Polk Forum as .........?

    They're still out there.

    If you really want to slam the movie go to the viewaskew site and post there. Kevin might actually respond to you. I have had 2 personal e-mails returned by the guys. Thats what I like about Kevin.....he's not an arrogant **** whos inaccesable. And he doesn't think he's going to write the next [ insert Holywood mega-hit title here]. Besides, you'se guys...he just entered his 30's, if, in 2012 he's still making this kind of movie I will agree.

    Anyone heard from Speilberg or Lucas recently?

    Didn't think so.
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