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Hey, does anyone have a single RM2350 they want rid of? That would the satellite from the RM6700 system. I know I can order one new but of course I'm looking to save some cabbage...


system 1:
Athena: AS-F1 mains, AS-C1 center, AS-B1 surrounds, AS-P400 sub, Yammie RXV-730, Rotel RB-976 driving front stage, Samsung BD3600 Blue Ray, Denon DVD2900 for sacd/cd , jbl n24awII on the deck, samsung 40" 1080p lcd

system 2:
XBox 360 Spherex 5.1 system, HK DVD38, Phillips CDC 926 CD changer, Phillips 32" LCD

2 channel
NAD 1600 pre, NAD 2400 THX amp, Phillips CDC 926, Linn extra speaks, crappy TT
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  • jawhogjawhog Posts: 444
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    I've got a single RM 2350 titanium. The drivers are fine and the exterior is mint, but the baffle (polk terminology) is damaged (the parts where the screws affix are cracked). Polk says the part is $20. I don't have much use for it, so haven't bothered to fix it. If you're interested I'm sure I could sell it to you for a good price. PM me if it sounds like it would work for you.
  • jawhogjawhog Posts: 444
    edited December 2004
    Woody's looking for black, I forgot about my solo RM2350 until his post. Anyone else want it? $20 or make an offer, trade, whatever.
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