WTB your Polk PSW-303

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And of course looking good and sounding excellent; to Salem, Oregon 97305.

PM me on what you need to get it shipped to me (total cost) Ok. I've got the cash you got the merchandise…lets deal.

Stereo55, do have another 303? (-;

Thanks guys.
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  • jdhdiggsjdhdiggs Posts: 4,471
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    I know the newuser "subwoofer" has a 303 that he may be willing to part with. Try giving him a PM.
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  • marly421marly421 Posts: 73
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  • marly421marly421 Posts: 73
    edited December 2004
    Last night on Ebay a 303 closed at $122.50 (new in box) but was in Hawaii...$45 just to ship. Marly
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